Skip navigation oxford journals contact us my basket my account european journal of heart failure about this journal contact this journal subscriptions view current issue (volume 14 issue 10 october 2012) archive search oxford journals medicine european journal of heart failure volume 5 issue 1 pp. 41-45. Viagra natural de venta en herbolarios The frequency of systolic versus diastolic heart failure in an egyptian cohort bassem s. buy cheap viagra Ibrahim * national heart institute cairo, egypt *127 ramses street, ramses square, cairo, egypt. comparison of viagra viagra viagra Tel. : +20-2-2718835; fax: +20-2-2902412 e-mail address: bassemibrahim{at}hotmail. Com received january 10, 2002. Revision received june 14, 2002. Accepted june 20, 2002. viagra for men price in mumbai â  next section abstract background: all factors predisposing for congestive heart failure (chf), such as coronary artery disease (cad), hypertension and diabetes are increasing in prevalence in egypt. Despite this, no data about chf in our country are available. viagra for sale Aims: to study the relative contribution of systolic vs. viagra for sale Diastolic heart failure in egyptians and the prevalence of risk factors in this population, as well as their prognosis. buy viagra for men Methods: this was a retrospective study of patients with a diagnosis of chf over a 3. 5-year period in a general cardiology clinic. Demographic, ecg and echocardiographic data for left ventricular systolic and diastolic function were collected. viagra for men price in mumbai The differential effect of systolic versus diastolic chf was analyzed regarding hospitalization and mortality. cheap generic viagra Results: after exclusion of valvular diseases, we found cardinal patients diagnosed with heart failure, 102 patients (66%) had systolic heart failure, and 53 (34%) had diastolic heart failure. buy generic viagra Mean age was 60â±10 and 63â±11 years, respectively (p=0. viagra for men price in mumbai 13). natural viagra gnc Systolic chf patients had significantly more cad, while those with diastolic failure were mostly hypertensives (p<0. 01) for both. There was no significant difference in the incidence of diabetes mellitus, cerebrovascular accidents or atrial fibrillation between the two groups. cheap viagra online Patients with systolic failure required more hospitalization, p<0. 05, and had a mortality rate of 17. 6% vs. buy generic viagra 11. 3% for patients with diastolic heart failure (p=0. Safest way buy viagra 3). Conclusion: diastolic heart failure is present in one-third of cases of chf in egyptians. usage du viagra Hypertension is very common in this group. These patients require less hospitalization but have a similar mortality rate. Key words heart failure systolic diastolic egypt previous section next section 1. Introduction congestive heart failure (chf) is rapidly becoming a major public health problem worldwide [1]. The wide-spread use of echocardiography in the diagnosis of chf has resulted in the emergence of the new entity of diastolic heart failure [2]. viagra without doctors prescription This entity is reported to include a significant proportion of patients with a clinical diagnosis of heart failure. Viagra gold 800mg uk There have been several studies from different parts of the world reporting on the epidemiology of chf, the relative frequencies of systo. viagra effects glaucoma buy cheap viagra taking 2 viagra pills female viagra fox news can young men use viagra buying viagra in mexico city generic viagra professional 100mg