As directed day and night with only 10 minutes break each hour except for meals and hygiene purposes. generic viagra mg pills When your eye pad will is removed your eye may be red and swollen. The eye is then usually left uncovered to promote healing. You will have a pad or shield applied for protection at night and eyedrops will be prescribed. discount viagra General questions q. Will i be able to see properly again? If the operation to reattach your retina is successful, you will be able to see again but the quality of your vision may not be as good as previously. Gas or silicone fluid in the eye may mean the retina does not function fully immediately after operation and recovery of sight is usually a gradual process. Q. how to buy viagra online safely What is the success rate of surgery in most cases, there is better than 80% chance of successfully reattaching the retina with one operation. But successful reattachment does not necessarily mean restored vision. viagra 100mg no prescription The return of good vision after surgery depends on whether, and for how long, the macula (central part of the retina) was detached prior to surgery. If the macula was detached, vision rarely returns to normal. Still, if the retina is successfully reattached, vision usually improves. The best vision is usually not achieved for some weeks to months. Q. What should i expect in the postoperative period? The eye will be red and slightly sore for a month or two. Price for viagra 100mg It may feel 'scratchy' because of the stitches. Severe pain is uncommon; if it occurs, inform the nurse or doctor immediately. The eye will water for several weeks, and you may find it more comfortable to wear a patch on the operated eye. Eye drops are required for a few weeks. These should be continued till instructed q. canadian viagra buy online Will i be able to continue with my normal way of life? viagra viagra and viagra compared Normal activities without any restrictions may be resumed immediately, except initially as dictated by posturing requirements. Q. May i continue to drive? The law requires you to inform the licensing authority (and insurance company) of any change in health or sight likely to affect the safety of your driving. viagra cheap online You must be able to read a number plate at 20. viagra discount 3 metres (25 yards) in good daylight and with spectacles if worn. side effects of viagra on women You must also have an adequate field of vision. To drive when unable to meet both these requirements is a criminal act and invalidates insurance. Viagra sales online usa Inability to meet standards requires you to notify the licensing authority. You should not restart driving until you have had confirmation that your vision meets the standards. discount viagra generic best price A report may be requested from your ophthalmologist. viagra 100mg vs 50mg Standards are more stringent for vocational drivers. generic viagra online Q. buy viagra on the internet Can i fly after the operation you should not travel by air. generic viagra prices viagra 100mg vs 50mg